Happy customers.

“Imagine my delight when I opened your envelope to discover THE TOGGLES!!! They are fantastic!!! Soooooo beautifully presented and totally stunning! I can’t wait to send them off to the lucky recipients!! Thanks you soooooo much!”


“I am so pleased with the toggles I bought recently for the swimming goggles. Each toggle is small enough to hang on the goggles and not be a nuisance when being worn. However, each toggle can carry all the important information necessary for the googles to be returned if lost. This will be a huge saving in replacements. I also love the choice of designs on the reverse side of the toggle. Thank you so much for this handy item.”


“I ordered 4 Toggles which were engraved and delivered in no time at all. The quality of these little gems is something else. I’ll be coming back for more very soon. Thank you Katherine!”


Unforgettable Name Tags

Toggles are the best name tag for your goggles, bags, keys and drink bottles.