All around Australia, thousands of lost property boxes brim with forgotten items, many almost indistinguishable from the other.

At Toggles, we understand that while children make every effort to look after their belongings, things have a way of disappearing – at school, at sporting and dance clubs, at friends’ places and everywhere in between.

Made from stainless steel and enamel, Toggles are high-quality, long-lasting name tags which can be used for everyday items as well as those submerged in water. Their bright and distinctive design helps your kids to recognise their belongings, while your details are engraved on the back so that they can be easily identified by others and returned when misplaced.

Providing a solution to many parents’ daily frustrations, Toggles are unforgettable name tags that come home again and again so that you can spend more time on the important things in life and less visiting lost property boxes.

Katherine North

Toggles Founder, Katherine North takes pride in supplying beautifully crafted, engraved name tags to families across Australia knowing that Toggles will save them money, time and energy. A busy mum of four, Katherine readily understands the frustration of replacing items again and again, spending seemingly endless dollars on things which may only last a school term or two.

Her vision of creating a simple, practical and attractive solution to naming items which cannot easily be labelled with stickers or markers has already helped countless families hold onto their belongings.

“One of my greatest joys is to receive feedback from clients, commenting how convenient and effective Toggles have been in allowing their property to be returned. Toggles save you money, and that’s as important to growing families today as it ever has been”.