What are Toggles made from?

Toggles are made from solid stainless steel with enamel graphics and are available in 2 sizes, small & large.

What are your prices?

Toggles are available in two price points:

Small Toggles (20mm | 4 grams) are available for only $14.50

Large Toggles (38mm | 13 grams) are available for only $16.50

All prices include engraving.

Does the price of Toggles include engraving?

Yes, all prices include engraving.

What is the maximum number of characters that can be engraved?

The maximum number of characters that can be engraved on Toggles are as follows:

Small Toggles: 10 letters first line, 11 second line, 12 third line.
Large Toggles: 16 letters first line, 17 second line, 18 third line.

What can be engraved on Toggles?

Engraving is limited to alpha-numeric characters only.

Unfortunately we cannot engrave symbols of lettering in languages other than English.

Can I provide my own design for the front side of Toggles?

If you would like to place a large scale order we can work with you on an individualised design for the front side, however small orders cannot be customised.

Is there a minimum order quantity or value?

There are no minimum order restrictions. You can order any quantity of Toggles from our online store.

What engraving information do I need to provide to place an order?

We recommend using your first name, last name and phone number for the details on the back of the Toggle, but it is up to you what you wish to engrave as long as it conforms to our letter limits. Once you have added your text, you will be able to add the Toggle with your shopping cart.

Can you engrave 2 lines of text rather than 3?

Yes, if you wish to order a Toggle displaying only 2 lines of text, simply clear the text on the line you would like to appear blank.


Do I need to create an account to place an order?

Yes. To place orders on the Toggles website, we require you to create an account. Doing so enables you to re-visit your past orders and download your invoices.

Having an account on the Toggles website allows you to login at a later date and check-out without the need to re-enter your address and contact details.

How do I create an account on the Toggles website?

Creating a Toggles account will make your online visits to much quicker and easier.

Firstly you will need to add the items you would like to purchase to your basket. Once these items have been added view ‘Your Cart’ and proceed to ‘Checkout’. You will be asked to enter your email address as a new customer to continue your purchase.

Please enter your delivery and billing details here. At the bottom of the page you will be given the option to ‘Create an Account’.

Your email address should already be added, you just need to add a password before placing your order. Now you will have an account for the next time you wish to place an order with us.

Please note: We require ‘strong’ passwords in order to ensure your account is as secure as possible.

How do I change my billing or shipping information?

Please login to your account by visiting the My Account page. There, you can update all of your account information, including your billing and shipping addresses.

I can't access my account. What do I do?

We’re so sorry to hear that! Please click here and a one of our customer care champions will assist you right away.

I can't change my password. What do I do?

We’re so sorry to hear that! Please click here and a one of our customer care champions will assist you right away.

I can't remember my password. What should I do?

Don’t worry! Please visit the
Forgot Password page and enter the email address you used to create your account. We will email you a link to reset your password.

I have a different question.

Please contact our Customer Service Team here and let us know how we can help!

Are my details secure?

Shopping on the Toggle website is as secure as shopping in any store. Your credit card details will be encrypted to help keep them secure. Please note that in the interest of security, will never ask for your full username, password or credit card details via email, pop-ups, or for any purpose other than registering or placing an order on

How can I view and update my account details?

Once you’ve registered with, you can login to your account at any time to view and update the personal details you have saved. Here you can change/update:

Your name and phone number under ‘Addresses’
Password under ‘Account Details’,
Billing address under ‘Addresses’,
Delivery address under ‘Addresses’.


How do I use the Toggles website?

Shopping online with Toggles australia is straightforward and convenient.

The Homepage

The homepage is the starting point of your online shopping experience with Toggles. From this page, you can view a selection of Toggles designs that are currently available from our online store. By clicking the ‘Shop Now’ links you will be taken to the Toggles store, where you can browse the entire range and select specific products, which will open as individual product pages.

I've designed my Toggles. How do I complete checkout?

Once you have created your custom Toggle, to place an order, click the ‘Add to Cart’ button – which takes you straight to your shopping cart.

Your Shopping Cart

When you arrive on the shopping cart page, you will can review your order, change the quantity of Toggles you wish to order and even Re-Edit your design.

If you are satisfied with the contents of your shopping cart, click the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ button and you’ll be taken to the checkout page.


If you are a new customer, you will be asked to provide your Billing Details and, optionally, provide alternative Shipping Details along with your email address and desired password. Returning customers who are logged in will be see pre-populated fields which can be edited if required.

At the base of the Checkout Page, you have the option of selecting your preferred payment method. Once you have selected the appropriate payment method, click the ‘Oroceed’ button to process payment and finalise your order.

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